Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Crate is Closed!

This is my 300th posting to my blog, and I should really not be surprised by the fact that something that I couldn’t believe I was going to do has turned out to be quite a bit of fun. It’s fitting too that that first posting was right around Thanksgiving(08) and when I went back to read it, it would pretty true about what’s happening right now. My mom is visiting soon, and I’m feeling a need to head out to take in a bit of LA stuff…like shopping…maybe tomorrow.

I am grateful for all the things that remain relatively constant … like turkey at Thanksgiving, but I am also grateful for all the amazing twists and turns that continually spice up the journey.

 The crate pictured here is one of those twisty turns. Why a crate? Yesterday this crate was filled with all the ‘stuff’, manuscript, picture stiff and of course quilts. All for my next book. YEAH!

 It’s exciting to work on a book--to be able to fill the pages with all sorts of things you want to share--but, it is even more exciting (and a bit scary) to pack it all up and ship it to your publisher.

Why a picture of the crate?
It is now turned over to others, and while I would love to show you all the stuff in ‘the crate’ it all must remain a mystery.

So 3 years and 300 postings have brought me to this wonderful spot. Exciting and bit scary. Happy it is on it’s way, grateful to my wonderful friends who helped me, inspired me, and yes pushed me when I needed it.

What’s next?

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